Treatment Update

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To say these past two months have been unusually hectic and stressful would be an understatement.  But we continue to press forward!  We’ve learned to simply take one day at a time, roll with the punches, and lean on the support and prayers of our loved ones.  It’s difficult to explain, but God has been taking care of our family when we’re unable to take care of ourselves.  It’s been amazing. 

Carey was supposed to finish radiation today and have a full body CT scan, but because he’s missed a few days due to illness and winter weather he’s not going to finish up until next week on Thursday.  We’re waiting to hear about when they will reschedule the appointment for his CT scan.  His leg is badly burned and blistered so I know he’s anxious to have this portion of treatment behind him. 

I will actually miss our daily trips to the cancer center!  We bring Carver and he gets so spoiled by all the nurses and patients – he brightens their day with his chubby cheeks and sweet smile.  His joy is a gift to everyone he meets.  We’ve struck up friendships that are now very near and dear to my heart. 

Cycle 8 will start with the next chemo treatment which we don’t have an exact date for as of now, but it will most likely be sometime the second week in March.  Just a one day out-patient treatment.  And because he’s a trooper, and the strongest person I know (seriously, I know I say that a lot, but it’s true) he’s going to continue on without a dose reduction.  So there is no new game plan at this point – just took a much needed break from chemo as he finishes out the radiation. 

Today also happens to be Carey’s first official day as a civilian.  I don’t know if he’s really had a chance to process that – I know I haven’t.  But we are so grateful for all the Air Force has given our family.  We’re especially grateful to have served along side some amazing people, and to have found a home away from home at the 18th Weather Squadron here in North Carolina.  Next week we get to celebrate with friends and family at Carey’s retirement ceremony and we’re so excited!

Love you guys and thank you always for the out-pouring of support and love.

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