Cycle 9 | In patient

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Another cycle under our belt – it’s a great feeling!  The new anti-nausea meds they started Carey on last cycle are again working wonders.  While he still feels very fatigued and yucky, he isn’t getting sick and that’s such a relief. 

We’re being extra cautious with lots of hand washing and sanitizing to hopefully avoid another neutropenic fever.  So far, so good, but continued prayers are very much appreciated! 

The boys are both doing really well.  Carver is starting to stand up on his own, and walking with the help of his little walking toy.  He’ll be chasing his big bro around the room in no time.  Eli loves pre-school and was recently introduced to “Pete the Cat” - he is now a bit obsessed.  He reads two of the books by memory and loves all the songs!  

Carey gets to watch lots and lots of baseball and the best medicine to date may just be the Cubbies having a winning record =)  He’s also just started up a vegan diet along with daily walks – more determined than ever to stay on the offensive and knock this cancer thing out of the park. 

Nine treatments down, eight more to go.  Thanks so much for all your support, friends and family.  We love you guys.

Hope you enjoy some spring pics of the kiddos...


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