Approaching the Finish Line

Approaching the Finish Line image.jpg

I’m heartbroken to tell you that Carey is now in his final days.  He is resting comfortably in a beautiful hospice home not too far from our house.  I’m posting this simply to ask for your faithful prayers as this is all much more unbearable than anyone could have imagined.  

My best friend, who has given me so much comfort and strength throughout this entire journey, now lies peacefully and quietly.  We are savoring every moment with him.

Please pray especially for Eli and Carver as their little hearts are trying hard to process what is happening – and that momma would have the right words at the right times. 

Thank you, loved ones, for the continuous support and hugging our family tight with love from both near and far.  Our hope lies not in this broken world, but rather in our eternally gracious Savior. 

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