When Darkness Veils His Lovely Face

When Darkness image.jpg

Yesterday, we had a monster storm here in Cary where we live.  There was golf ball size hail hammering the pavement. We sat, mesmerized, and watched out the window.  

Then today, while driving Eli home from preschool, the sun was shining and the sky was back to it’s happy, blue self.

Being a weather person (or former one), my brain immediately starts thinking about high pressure moving in, and stability, and how long it might be before the next system comes rolling through.  But after all those geeky thoughts, it occurred to me that I couldn’t see the sun or feel the sun yesterday - but it was still there nonetheless. Just as big and powerful and sunny as ever.  That storm just stood in the way. 

There’s an old hymn whose lyrics read: “when darkness veils His lovely face, I rest on His unchanging grace.”

Unchanging grace.  Breathe that in. 

It’s easy to feel as if God is far away, or doesn’t care, or doesn’t listen.  There are bigger things on his plate.  But what if I could simply rest in the fact that God is still God – no matter what – perfectly constant and steady.  His grace is unchanging.  His love is unwavering.  His promise to never leave me or forsake me is truth – and it’s a truth that I can stand on through anything and everything (Hebrews 13:5).     

Maybe we can’t see him or feel him, and maybe it seems like we’re talking to air – but it’s this belief, this faith, in our head and in our heart that assures us He is here.  He does care.  The same God who parted the Red Sea, who healed the sick, who raised the dead – He loves me and He is on my side.  He heals the broken hearted and comforts those who mourn.  He is good. 

We’ve been riding out a pretty heavy storm for a while now.  It seems like forever.  Surely high pressure should be moving in by now.     

We are continually praying for an awesome miracle.  In the meantime, we know and we trust that the God of the universe holds us close and feels our pain.  He knows the agony of suffering.  We also trust that this is only a temporary storm, and that eventually we will be perfect and complete lacking nothing! (James 1:4)  Darkness may veil His lovely face for now, but someday there will be no storms and no shadows – only radiant light and perfect blue skies. 

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