A Lasting Legacy

leaving a legacy beyond death

A few months ago the Autism Society asked Carey to make a video telling a bit of his story and how autism has affected our family.  We were excited for this opportunity.  After receiving his prognosis, Carey's focus has not been on checking items off a bucket list, but rather, how he can leave a legacy that his boys will be proud of. He wants to show Carver and Eli what a hard working and compassionate man looks like.

These videos (video 1, video 2) will certainly help do just that - no matter if Carey lives another year or another fifty years.

As a generous thank you for being willing to share his story, and for the work that Carey has done thus far, the Autism Society has created the 'Carey Bowman Camp Royall Scholarship'. The first honored recipient is our own Eli.  Camp Royall is a special summer camp created just for kids on the autism spectrum, and we are so thrilled that every year a deserving child and their family will receive this scholarship in Carey's honor.  We couldn't be more thankful for the extended family God has provided us through the Autism Society.

A quick family update...

We are just a few weeks away from the next scan so please pray the anxiety stays to a minimum and we get some good results.  Please also pray for wisdom as we seek out treatment options.  Carey has been feeling pretty well lately sticking to a vegetarian diet and limiting his work hours to part time, but we want to actively fight this cancer!

The boys are both doing great.  Eli loves preschool and has made great strides since starting in a special education classroom in January.  Him and Carver interact more and more and the bond that they are creating is amazing.  We've seen God do wonderful things over the past 21 months, but I'm realizing now just how much he's protected our boys from all of the stress, instability, and sadness.  My favorite thing to hear is "your boys are so happy!"  And we hear it a lot.  Such a gift from God, and I absolutely love being their Momma.

Thank you so much, friends and family, for all of your continued support and prayers.  We love you!


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